Who is Ariane K?

My name is Ariane, and I live in Vancouver, Canada. This has been my home on the internet for many years, and includes archives from two previous incarnations of personal blogs, all told dating back to the start of 2003. (That's 11 years, yikes!)

Art + chronic illness

I'm currently on an extended leave from being gainfully employed, due to ill health. I'm spending my time these days going to plentiful medical appointments, reimagining what I'd like my life to look like, and getting back to my roots of being a creative person. A big part of my new life is doing art and creative work, as well as chronic illness advocacy and community building.

In 2012, I started writing a zine called Chronically Yours Zine - it's about living with chronic illness, and it's up for sale for just $5 on my Etsy shop!

And in 2014, I started illustrating my beloved Heartgirl drawings, ready to tell you or someone you love those much needed comforting words. $25 or 3 for $60, also on Etsy.

If you'd like to get in touch, drop me a message here.

Where did the urban planning interest come from?

Originally from Saskatoon, I've lived in Vancouver for over 15 years now. I discovered that I really loved urban planning and sustainable development while working on my Bachelors degree. I hold a BA in Human Geography (Minor in Fine and Performing Arts), and a Masters in Human Geography, specializing in Health Geography, from Simon Fraser University.

Didn't you used to Drupal?

Yes! After finishing school, I ended up working in the tech industry. I worked primarily with software called Drupal, which I'd been dabbling with since around 2005 (when I used it for a website for my short-lived craft business, the now defunct City Girl Designs). From 2007-2012, I worked as a client manager, site builder, and project manager for a couple of web development companies that specialized in building technology for organizations and non-profits working towards social and environmental change. I also spent a large part of my time during my years in the tech industry organizing events for the local Drupal community, and as co-lead of documentation for the Drupal open source project.