What cheers you up?

I've been super duper laid out with a chronic illness flare for the last couple weeks, and as I've embarked on a Facebook fast, I guess I'm posting more here instead when I have things to say! For better or worse I usually use FB to kind of numb out and passively entertain myself when I'm not feeling well, so this has been a real challenge - I even let myself off the hook for a few of the worst days, cause frankly I wasn't actually losing any time to do more productive things. But I also use FB to stay in touch with friends, as do many people with chronic illnesses who can't get out and socialize in person as much as they'd like. Communicating online can be a huge way to avoid feeling completely socially isolated when you're sick a lot.

So, as I've been having a bit of a rough time combined with time on my hands, I've been trying to exercise some of my other self-care practices. One of the ones that has quickly returned is I've started making gratitude lists again. I know, I know, but I don't use them to just try and negate the reality of what's going on or erase the negative. What I do use them for is reminding myself of all the things I can and do enjoy in life, even when things aren't exactly going the best.

Without further ado, here are some of the things that cheer me up right now. I'd love to hear what makes you feel better about life if you want to share below!

  1. Bruno's face - so cute and reassuring!
  2. Having a nice, (usually) peaceful home to spend my time in.
  3. Writing (and receiving) letters.
  4. Reading zines and books. Favourites from the last couple weeks are Aurora Lady's Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt and JC's compilation zine Collide issue 2, which I have a piece published in!
  5. Drinking tea.
  6. Nice, sincere, open-hearted people.
  7. Birds.
  8. Rain.
  9. Patting other peoples' dogs when I go out.
  10. Our windowsill jungle.
  11. Drawing, especially this month thanks to Lisa Congdon's drawing course on Creativebug (I'll post my drawings from this another day!).
  12. Plants.
  13. Sewing.
  14. The amazing soup I made this week.
  15. Knowing that an entire box of arugula Tartex is on its way here thanks to Bruno's mom. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!! You can't fathom how exciting this is.
  16. Listening to many episodes of the JV Club podcast.
  17. Writing.
  18. Wendell's GF vegan chocolate chip cookies. (A girl's gotta have one vice!)
  19. Shoes hanging from wires.
  20. Grey's Anatomy. (Ok, two vices.)
  21. Email check-ins with my soulmate cousin who just moved to NYC.
  22. Looking forward to my new book club meeting at the end of the month.
  23. Looking forward to going to Victoria in April.
  24. Looking forward to Belgium (and Iceland) in the fall!
  25. Generally having things to look forward to, even when life feels all crazy and off the rails.

Ok that's it for the moment, maybe I'll add more later!