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Last week I took a week off work for a little vacation. I spent the first weekend largely hanging out in East Van and catching up with Angie and Marci who just moved to the coast, and walking around on the Drive a bit during Italian Days. 

I hadn't made any terribly concrete plans about what I was going to do for the rest of the week, but had been feeling very deprived of road trips lately. I'm not a huge fan of driving distances by myself, so I settled on hopping on the train down to Seattle for a few days. It'd been about 12 years since I'd last taken the train (on the east coast), so I didn't completely know what to expect.

Amtrak Cascades

It was great! Aside from the errant screaming child, which I mostly blocked out with my headphones, I have to say it was one of the nicest modes of transport I've taken in ages. It was about 4 hours, and the scenery especially between Bellingham and Mt. Vernon where you go right along the water, was gorgeous. It was really relaxing, and I just brought my dinner, some reading, some knitting, and my laptop, and settled in. Bonus, it made me less motion sick than driving, flying, or ferries, so I arrived feeling good rather than tired and nauseous. Will definitely repeat. Some of the early evening scenery:

Train ride from Vancouver to Seattle

Train ride from Vancouver to Seattle

Train ride from Vancouver to Seattle

Train ride from Vancouver to Seattle

On Wednesday, I had lunch with some of my favourite people (Jennifer, Jared, Greg, and Katherine of the Seattle Drupallers) at a great little vegetarian restaurant that Jared recommended called Plum Bistro.


I spent a bunch of time Wednesday and Thursday meandering the Capitol Hill area, and then just relaxing. Thursday night, my lovely friend Amye drove up from Portland and joined me in Seattle for the night. Then Friday, we drove back up to Vancouver. 

Amye spoke at WordCamp on Saturday, while I went and poked around the farmers market (oh, how I missed it over the winter!), and then we had dinner with Boris and Rachael out at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company. Their gluten-free crust ended up having yeast in it, so I didn't try it this time (maybe on a day my stomach is feeling hardy), but had their antipasto plate, which was delicious - I wish there had been more of the smoked ham and salami as they were very tasty.

Sunday morning I bid farewell to my roomie and got ready to get back to business! Sticking with a slower pace, and not trying to "do it all" made it actually quite a relaxing week, despite my usual stomach antics and packing a fair amount of visiting into it. All in all, a great little refreshing vacation!