Summer flying by

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Summer has been flying by - time for an update! Life with Bruno has been fantastic. Only minor adjustments to living together, we'll just say I'm nowhere near sick of him! In fact, if you know of any cool companies or organizations who'd like an extremely skilled Drupal themer, please point them here: Bruno is looking for a prospective employer to offer him a job, so he can apply to stay on as a skilled worker. We won't be common law until next April, so it's the only way he can stay!

It hasn't been the hottest June and July Vancouver's seen, but we've made the most of it with a week off to take a train trip to Seattle and Portland. Lots of delicious food - I ate a lot of vegan ice cream and treats, and Bruno was in vegetarian heaven. And visiting with our PNW friends is always a lovely bonus! 


Shortly after that, we found ourselves making the annual trek out to a friend's cabin for the Canada Day long weekend. It's always a highlight of the year, and I'm so thankful to be included. There was hammock lounging, eating, and catching up with old friends.

BC Cherries <3

Bruno also was lucky enough to have a friend of the family, teach him to kneeboard! He came out with some gashes, but was victoriously kneeboarding around the lake by the end of the lesson.

SnacksCarla about to teach Bruno to kneeboard

The following week, my parents came from Saskatoon for a five day visit and to finally meet Bruno in person. The visit was very nice and we also got to spend some time with my aunt, uncle, and cousin who I don't see nearly enough of despite them only living on the North Shore. My mom's got a pile of photos from the visit.


Finally, last weekend, we went on a little road trip to the Okanagan for a wedding! It was by far the cutest wedding I've been to, so crafty! The weather was beautiful, and it was so lovely meeting the rest of her friends and family, and also having a few friends who hadn't yet, meet Bruno.

Cutest wedding ever

The wedding was at Linden Gardens in Kaleden (just south of Penticton), and as you can see it was really beautiful there. The old tank (the Volvo) made it on both road trips in fine form, thanks to the weather not being as hot as normal on the drives. It's got a funny rattle going now, but will take it in for a checkup before any more adventures.

UntitledOMG. Popsicles.

Aside from all the adventures, the summer has been quite busy workwise, with several exciting projects. I've taken a hiatus from Docs Lead duties for the rest of the summer, as I have been feeling pretty burnt out as far as work/Drupal energy goes from a consistently busy past year. Hopefully the time off will help me find a way to reenergize myself. Trying to put more time into meaningful relationships, creativity, and self care - it seems like there's never enough time to do it all as much as I'd like, but some is better than none!

I've also been going through some social life changes through the past many months that have been at times painful, but in optimistic terms, hopefully positive in the end. I think it's taken me a while to come to terms with what's happened, and with no longer being in touch with people who were previously very important to me. But the perspective that the passage of time provides has helped me very much in finding some personal meaning in what has happened. And the opportunity for reevaluating what I want to give, and get from, those around me, and who those around me ought to be. I hope to keep cultivating those relationships that are positive and nurturing, and continue building a meaningful and solid community around me.

Healthwise, things have been relatively stable (especially compared to last year). The odd turmoil here and there, and not having much luck gaining weight, but generally on the up-and-up. Stress and spoon management have been an incredibly big part of that stability. I also discovered an amazing service a few weeks back, the Vancouver Women's Health Collective. It's in the DTES, but serves all women, and has been around for 40 years! They're now a branch of the BC Women's hospital, and have nurse practitioners on staff who are super helpful!!! They can do referals, prescriptions, and are far more helpful than most regular GP's with managing chronic illnesses, and other women-specific health issues, since they don't rush you! They're helping me get some new allergy evaluations and a dietician to help me gain weight! I've really been happy with them so far, so if you're a woman in Vancouver and having trouble getting adequate healthcare, try them!

And on that note, I think that covers it. Hope life has been treating you all well!