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Owner: Megan Curran
Website: Room6.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 778-340-0400

If you get on the Mt. Seymour Parkway in North Vancouver, and keep driving east all the way down the hill into Deep Cove, then left onto Deep Cove Road, and then continue until it turns into Gallant Ave, you will find the most delightful little shop at the end of the road: Room6 (special things for nice people). <-- it really is!

Room 6!

I discovered Room6 sometime around 2006 (about a year after the physical shop opened in Deep Cove), when I was looking for places to sell the wares from my (now long defunct) crafty business. I never did get very far with my business while also working on my Masters degree at SFU, but Room6 has stood the test of time! It's really fascinating to read this Rena Tom article/interview with Megan of Room6 about how the shop came to be, and what it's been like running the business, especially since I've many times considered trying to do something like this myself. You'd never know going to the shop that there'd ever been any struggle in getting it to where it is now. When you walk in there, all you feel is cozy, beautiful, perfection.

"special things for nice people"

Back when I first discovered Room6 there used to be a wall of yarn, and a lot of crafty things...there are still crafty things, but the yarn has been replaced by a wonderful selection of clothing and home decor by both local and international designers. As of last time I visited a few weeks ago, there is jewelery, scarves, art (I just bough the poster below from Vancouver's Banquet for our own house, can't wait to frame it!), Dahlhaus pottery from Vancouver, really gorgeous clothing for women and a bit for men (from FluxxusAlternative Apparel, and others), stationery, kids toys and books, Orla Kiely bags,Miel undies from Quebec, and all kinds of other lovely things.

So many lovely things!

If you want to make a day of your trip to Deep Cove, I strongly recommend a visit to Honey Doughnuts up the block for a house made doughnut and their famous veggie sandwich (oh, if I still ate gluten...), and if you're feeling adventurous, an afternoon paddle around the cove. And if for some reason, you're not able to get there in person, a lot of what's at Room6 can be found in their online shop!  

Fuzzy clouds

Still wondering what it's like inside? Watch this delightful video and it'll all make sense (if you can't see it here, try refreshing the page, or you can also watch it on Vimeo):


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