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Owner: Pascal Roy and Janaki Larsen
Website: marchestgeorge.com
E-mail: info@marchestgeorge.com
Phone: 604-565-5107

I first heard about Marché St. George a very long time before finally going to check it out in person. I read their blog for a very long time - the aesthetic and the photos in it are worthwhile in their own right, even if you don't live in the area (and they do have a few things in their online shop, including some of the most gorgeous linens). In the end, the charm was impossible to resist. In fact, just RSS it right now, don't delay, here's the feed URL (in case you're nerdy like me).

Marché St. George

Eventually my partner in crime and I decided to venture out and find it and, as promised, it's a tiny treasure chest of beautiful and delicious things. He was particularly thrilled to find they frequently have a couple of "pain au chocolat" (ie. chocolate stuffed croissants) on hand - a favourite from Belgium, as well as great coffee. I was wooed by their vast selection of very nice teas, and the fact that they carry my favourite dill crackers.

Their foods range from a variety of local cheeses, gelatos, and sausages, to seasonings and delicacies I've rarely seen elsewhere. And their small section of accessories and homewares are all beautiful, rustic, and look like you just picked them up straight from the hands of the person who made them. 

Marché St. George

Seasonally, they also carry a variety of mostly local and/or organic and/or heirloom fruits and veggies in a mini-market that's set up inside or out depending on weather in a lovely rustic display of wooden crates and baskets.

Marché St. George

Marché St. George

The seating is very limited, especially on weekends, but the atmosphere is cozy and peaceful, and worth seeking out a little nook to take a break. On a quiet corner in Mount Pleasant, many cyclers and pedestrians meander by and stop in for coffee or a snack, and then wander off again. It'll make you feel like you're part of the neighbourhood, even if you're just visiting. 

Marché St. George

Marché St. George

I don't know a ton about the beginnings of the Marché, but it's run by a husband and wife team who have very refined yet warm and familiar tastes, and I hope they keep at it for a long time to come. 

Also, just announced, a pop-up restaurant above the Marché for a few days only, at the start of May! Details here.

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