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Owner: David Inglis
Website: bed
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 604-736-3482 / Toll free number: 1.877.736.3482 (online shopping available on their website as well)

Note: photos were taken before bed moved to 2907 W. Broadway, they are no longer at the 4th Ave. location! They also have a Facebook page now if you want to follow what they're up to.

I first discovered bed many years ago because its old location was very close to a few of my favourite spots in Kitsilano (namely Zulu Records, and the now defunct Duthie Books). I was attracted by the fantastic colours, as most who pass by probably are, but it was a while before I actually bought sheets from there.

Bed on 4th

Bed on 4th

I bought my first set of sheets and a duvet cover from bed when I moved to the West End just over 4 years ago, it was a gift to myself, a bit of a housewarming present for post-university me. When I first bought them, I was a little worried about how stiff the sheets were, but just as promised after a few washes, they softened up beautifully. Years later, they look just about as good as they did when I bought them, only softer. I've since bought a second set with a different colour scheme.


I don't know a lot about bed, and it's pretty hard to find articles about the company online (probably because it's a hard store name to search for!). But I met the owner for the first time when I bought my second set of sheets late last summer, and he was incredibly patient as I agonized over which pillowcases would match my new duvet cover best. Other things I've learned about them: bed has been open for over ten years now. It's locally owned, and though the fabric isn't made locally, the sewing is done here (which is about as good as you can get for bedding!). They also have some organic options, and have started carrying bedding for babies and children.

Bed on 4th

The one thing that I have seen about bed online is several reviews on various business listings sites, and this is something I want to address. The reviews are usually either completely positive raving about their sheets and colour selection, or complaining about the staff there being too snobby, or for example, refolding things too quickly.

By now, I've probably been into bed ten different times, and bought sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases on four or so separate occasions. And so, I feel well enough acquainted to take a stand on this, as I think the prim and proper service has been misinterpreted as rudeness.

I find their service to be quite good, and here's why: 

  1. They know their product, and care a lot about quality. They know the colours/designs, and will help advise on good combinations. They provide care instructions to get the most out of your bedding. Mine has lasted extremely well.
  2. It's obvious that they are perfectionists. Cleaning up too fast after customers? Great! Being compulsive about making sure the wall of sheets is lined up perfectly? Love it. Their shop always looks impeccable, and it is one of the things that makes it such a breathtaking burst of colour when you walk in. Big points for presentation. (Ok, maybe I'm a bit of a stickler too, I like it when people take pride in their work!)
  3. They don't bother you or hover while you stare endlessly at the options. Not to be mistaken for unfriendliness! There really is something to be said for sales people who are helpful when you need them, and leave you alone when you don't! And they have always been helpful to me when I've asked for information or opinions.
  4. Finally, I think they are the most stylish bedding company for miles, local or not. Definitely have the SL stamp of approval.

New bedding from Bed on 4th

If you are looking for stylish, long lasting, high quality bedding that is locally sewn, from a locally owned company, bed is definitely the place to go! And on that note, sweet dreams local spenders!