Side trip to Berlin!

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When we decided to try and extend our trip to Belgium, part of that included having time for a side trip so I could see a bit more of Europe. I agonized over where to go - flights are fairly cheap, and everything is so close together (and Bruno was fair game and let me have my pick)! In the end, I really wanted to go back to Berlin - I had been there on my first trip to Europe, but spent nearly the entire time chasing after the backpack I'd left on the train, so didn't get to see that much of it. I loved it just as much if not more than the first time.

We had rented an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg (the neighbourhood that I loved last time and wanted to stay in again) on AirBnB, and it turned out wonderfully. It was super cute, quiet, and comfortable. I discovered this neighbourhood last time I went to Berlin and fell hard for it - great transit access, and a huge organic grocery store which when combined with a kitchen means I can keep myself properly fed while traveling. Not only fed, but there is such a variety of foods I can eat in Berlin, it's very special for me. It was even better getting to go back with Bruno... and our special visitor.

Berlin apartment

Bonus, it had room for an extra person - which we ended up needing! My cousin Colleen, who's been traveling the world for the last year managed to time her migration to Europe so we were able to catch up in Berlin. She's used to meeting up with friends and family all over the place, but seeing her way over there was a serious novelty to me. Somehow my photos of us are all totally goofy...

Berlin visits with Colleen

Some photos from a cool park in Prenzlauer Berg, this building is the Wasserturm, an old water tower with apartments underneath that people still live in.

Berlin park
Berlin park

A different tower in the park

Berlin park

Another structure in the park, with paste-up art.

Berlin park paste-up

View towards the TV tower from Prenzlauer Berg.


One of my favourite spots to visit, Supalife Kiosk, a fantastic gallery, and art and zine shop. I was extremely excited to be able to go back here!

Supalife Kiosk

A new discovery, Siebenblau, an all sustainable textile shop. I got to do a little bit of fabric shopping here, so wonderful!

Siebenblau sustainable textile shop

And finally one more goofy photo of us silly people.

A goofy moment in Berlin

Yay Berlin! I love this city, and I hope very much that we can go back again one day!