Sickkkkkk (and buttons!)

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So about that sick. I said Tuesday that things were pretty bad, but Wednesday they got worse. I ended up at the doctor's again, as it had gotten so bad that I was feeling too lightheaded to really do anything. That was the most scared I've been for my health in as long as I can remember. I got a really good doctor (surprisingly) at the walk in clinic Wednesday evening and he figured that my intestines had become pretty inflamed as a result of the virus I'd had, and that's why I wasn't really digesting anything properly anymore, and also why I had become so tired/weak.

He prescribed me a medication, Lomotil (which is actually kind of interesting, it's a opiate based narcotic...ya crazy), and 3 days of a diet of potatoes, rice, and chicken broth. The medication made a big difference, as soon as it kicked in, my stomach cramps really eased off, and things slowed down. And as a bonus (at least I think I'd call it a bonus), the stuff seemed to make me slightly buzzed. Being someone who's never been fond of any substances (alcohol, pot, etc.) it's been a strange and interesting experience. I imagine it's what pot does for most people (relaxed and a little out-of-it). That was more significant the first couple days, and I seem to have gotten used to it now.

So that definitely improved how my stomach was doing, but my energy is still the pits. I was feeling a bit better yesterday, but today I felt like passing out when I went grocery shopping (only two blocks away) and have been shaky most of the day.

I'm really glad I had the sense (or moreso, the sense talked into me) not to try and go to Portland today. As much as it would have been lovely to see people, and to stay with nice gals who would have taken good care of me, I was definitely not up for traveling. I'm not sure why I felt worse today, but I'm hoping having eaten a bit of protein finally today now that I'm off the mush diet, and a few more calories overall will help, and tomorrow I'll be a little better again.

o hai spring>

This might be the worst I've been for an extended time, it's about a month since I picked up the virus initially, and though I had a few days in the middle where I started feeling better, it's been slow as heck recovering from the aftereffects. I'm really thankful to the friends who have helped me out and come by to visit; being stuck at home has gotten pretty old. Oh how I long for my usual icky feelings where I still have enough energy to do fun things like go to work and get groceries. Sigh. (Yes, I am wallowing a bit. Whaccha gonna do about it?)

At least I got some time to work on my blogs yesterday when I was feeling up for it, and hopefully will feel well enough the next few days at least to work from home a bit. It's hard taking real sick days when you actually like your job, especially if you're a project manager, and want to be on top of what's going on all the time.

But as long as I keep slowly getting back to "normal" I'll just be patient and go with it, this was way too scary to push things. It's been a serious reality check of how bad things can get when you have a pre-existing condition that gets exacerbated by a virus attacking the same part of your system (which admittedly was already a bit under stress when I got the bug). I suspect it's going to be a little while before I really feel like myself again, but I am just trying to stay positive and have faith that my body can and will heal as long a I keep giving it what it needs.

And I can't say it enough, how thankful I am for the support I've been given. I am usually incredibly stubborn about my independence, but at this point, I will take all the help and good vibes anyone wants to give me.

And now, after all that seriousness, from the Hot 1" Action show, here's my BUTTONS!!!

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