Self love through a different lens

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Today was the final day of a six week self-portraiture course I was taking, called You Are Your Own Muse, taught by local photographer Vivienne McMaster. I found out about Vivienne's courses through a friend who had taken one of her previous courses, and decided to sign up. I've been finding having some daily prompts and extra motivation to do creative work very helpful in keeping my momentum after finally getting out of my creative paralysis last fall!

Vivienne teaches both online and in-person workshops and courses, and she puts a very special focus on cultivating self-love and self-compassion through self-portraiture. I really did find that it was a great and effective practice to add to my self-love toolbox. Coincidentally, Vivienne is about to run a new two week Be Your Own Beloved course in June that is explicitly about self-care practices.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the six weeks - many were based on prompts or lessons in the course, and some are also just spontaneous selfies, like usual. There are several more if you want to see the full set it's here. And if you want to check out Vivienne's photos and blog, which are totally inspiring, it's here

(And in case anyone is suspicious, I wasn't compensated in the slightest to write this post!)

Onto the photos...

Chin up Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is let go feel the light (background focus) Yard work! Pink snow I miss ballet float Untitled Strangers smiled at me. Transported Sleeping under the stars in Berlin

Embracing the light my kind of "play" freedom looking ahead "I am an artist"