The weeks (months) leading up to the Christmas holidays continued to be really busy. We'd been really cramming at work, and I was also doing a lot of Drupal work (we had a big Documentation meeting/sprint weekend the weekend before holidays that people flew in for, and it's also been a big push getting the Drupal 7 docs done for its release which is coming up this week). I was definitely running on fumes. Thankfully we'd made the wise decision early on to shut down entirely at work for two weeks over the holidays, so we could all take a proper, well-deserved break. I went back to Saskatoon for a full week and a half, to have Christmas with my parents, and basically just do what Frankie says (ie. relax).

box chaos
Decorating the tree with my mom

ball of light
This year, fake tree... we made the most of it though!

It was a really nice visit, full of sitting by the fireplace, patting my parents' dog Jake, and of course, some Drupal docs, and also see some other family friends. Kept it very low key though, and didn't have any big dinners or anything.

I also finally replaced my little point and shoot camera that was stolen when I left my backpack on a train in Berlin, which means (for better or worse) the return of self portraits! 

xmas holidays in sask
Saskatoon, first thing in the morning in the sunbeam coming through the curtains

When I got back to Vancouver (with great timing, as I left right after the temperature suddenly dropped to -30C with the windchill on the prairies), I set to a big end of year clean up and purge of extra clothes, etc. Everything is in good shape other than the extra bedroom, which I am planning to get a bed for, so my parents and other visitors have an actual room to stay in rather than the loft (which has a futon, but is really bright in the mornings).

This place finally feels like home, it's really nice to be back. Sitting by the fireplace, listening to copious amounts of CBC radio one, and having friends stop by. Ahhh, not much else a girl could ask for. Except for maybe a special visitor to turn up in about a week and a half...

First day of 2011

What does this year hold for me? Like last year, definitely a lot of Drupal and making more awesome at work. A trip to Chicago in the spring. I'd like to spend a lot more time with friends, and on creative endeavours and self-care, which have been terribly neglected of late. Hopefully continuing to improve and stabilize healthwise and gain some more weight. Hopefully something really special... I can't wait to see where this year takes me!