Recent drawings

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I've been drawing more lately, and keep forgetting to actually post the pictures!

We get tons of flickers in the tree next to our house, I am obsessed with them, they're so beautiful. I did both a pencil sketch and a pen drawing from one of the photos I'd taken.

Drawing my favourite flickerPen drawing of the flicker

Pen drawing of one of the streetcars I took a photo of San Francisco

It's cute! It's a streetcar!

Silly doodles after finding a pack of Crayolas (photo by Bruno)

Saturday evening

This is a for fun drawing/study of one of Lisa Congdon's styles of work, she's one of my favourite artists, I think partly because she's also really in love with Scandinavian art.

lisa congdon style study

I've been dabbling with incorporating a bit of Scandinavian style into my drawings lately, like in Chronically Yours...

Chronically Yours - Issue 1

The drawings I did on each envelope when someone ordered a hardcopy of the zine.

Chronically Yours envelopes

And just for fun doodling...


Ta-da! I've really been enjoying getting back into this.