New Heartgirl: You are not a lost cause

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I wanted to write a quick post to announce a new Heartgirl drawing, the first since I completed the original six. This one's message: You are not a lost cause.

Did someone give up on you? Did you give up on yourself? Is it all too far gone, rock bottomed right out, down in a deep dark bottomless pit that you'll never crawl out of? No, no, you are not done yet. Nowhere near out for the count. Don't let them write you off, and certainly don't give up on yourself. You have strength within you that you never knew existed... and they don't know a thing about it. If I know one thing, I know this: I am not a lost cause, and neither are you!

You are not a lost cause
~ You are not a lost cause Heartgirl by Ariane K ~

This Heartgirl, aka. Heartgirl Cherry was inspired by someone I know (as a few of them have been), artist and kindred spirit Cherry Thompson. She's become an online friend over the past many months, partly because she's a wonderful artist and friendly person, partly because we both live in Vancouver and find our lives turned upside down as we deal with chronic illness.

A few weeks ago, Cherry had posted about making some progress with her physio, despite seemingly all odds being against her - she's tough like that! I immediately said that I should make a "You are not a lost cause" Heartgirl. She concurred, so I did! As with my other Heartgirls inspired by real people, I made the drawing look roughly like her, especially her trademark fishtail braid.

Thanks for being such a kind and gentle yet strong spirit, and sharing your journey with all of us, Cherry! And thanks for allowing (and encouraging!) me to Heartgirl-ify you!

You can find the You are not a lost cause Heartgirl print in my Etsy shop.