My gosh.

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Intestine Socks!

My gosh, I don't know if things are actually really crazy right now, or if I'm just burnt out and tired of my stomach giving me grief.  Whatever is going on, I know I have been feeling super stressed and scattered, and crazy exhausted.  Sucks, cause I use all my energy up on work and then spend my Friday nights watching The Wedge (aka. one of the two only good shows left on MuchMusic - the other is Going Coastal) and knitting.  Granted, there are worse things in the world, but I'd frankly rather be out hanging with some lovely people!

Things have actually been busy though, I feel like work has been busy and my weekends have been packed, so I guess I do need some downtime - I just wish I was one of those super energetic people who could do it all.

I know I need to be putting some more energy into self care in the exercise department, it's tough when I have a stomach ache all the time, but it is no good for me when I'm working on the computer all the time and then not exercising much (especially when my massage therapist is away!) Makes for much hurtiness.

Anyway, scraping together some scraps of positivity for the week:

  1. Bought some new t-shirts from Threadless
  2. Dahlias
  3. Umair Haque's great writing 
  4. This ridiculous photo of Kara's dog stuck in the sleeve of a sweatshirt
  5. Intestine socks (see above)
  6. Zoe being hilarious
  7. Rain
  8. Marbled halvah [Wikipedia]