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I've had a weird few days... Haven't been feeling amazing healthwise, feeling a major lack of direction because of disappointments in the art-class department, and the cell bill... I think it's time for a pick me up:

Advanced Style

Wonderfully dressed older women, my gosh their boldness and style floor me! It's a documentary trailer and the blog has lots more.

Lisa Congdon

Quickly becoming one of my favourite artists, Lisa lives in San Francisco and has been traveling in Scandanavia and Iceland for the last couple weeks. I have proceeded to ooh, ahh, and drool over her Instagram photos and blog. She's doing a 365 Days of Handlettering project, which I'm finding crazy inspiring. Beautiful line drawings and hand lettering.

Harvest Textiles/Harvest Workroom
So inspiring! Oh my gosh, there is something in the water in Australia, I just keep finding more and more super amazing people and projects going on there! Harvest is a textile printing workshop and store, where they host wonderful looking seminars, produce amazing printed fabrics and products, and are generally doing amazing things! They have different artists-in-residence come into their workshop and do seminars, and post tons of photos (on Flickr and Instagram) and some blog posts. It just looks so fun and their workroom is a dream!

Harvest Storeroom - August 2012
hello sandwich - hello fabric workshop

Solipsist - crazy artistic video by Andrew Thomas Huang

Happy Thursday y'all!