Adventures South of the Border Day I

I almost didn't make it south of the border yesterday... it was like a scene from a movie when someone has a plane to catch and everything goes wrong. There was actual running from the wrong wing of the airport where I'd stood in line for 20 mins. to find out I was late enough that my bags might not make it, to the right wing of the airport where the bitchy Air Canada lady put a tag with an L on my bags (L is for late), and told me that if I hadn't checked in online the night before they would have given up my seat. At this point, I was checking through 55mins prior to my flight. Seriously, I know I was late, but I'm sure there are way later people! Anyhow, I made it to LA, bags and all!

Cousinas :-)

I'm staying with my cousin, Colleen in Santa Monica. It is crazy hot here. Like 35 degrees. There is no shade, and it's smoggy, AND did you all know the hills around LA are on fire??? Anyway, I am trying not to worry myself about the heat and the fact that my lungs and throat have this not so dull burning going on... It's great to see Colleen again, it's been a while...she came up to Vancouver quite a long time ago. Tonight I'll see one of my other cousins, Ara, and his family. I haven't seen him since last time I was in LA, which was to be a bridesmaid in his wedding...his oldest kid is 9 now (and wasn't a bun in the oven when they married) so that tells you how long it's been. But first, we're going to go hit the Wholefoods to get some Ariane-friendly food! Gotta go!