Line drawing with Lisa Congdon

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Back in March, I did a month long online line drawing class taught by Lisa Congdon on Creativebug (an awesome website for learning arty and crafty skills!) I've been a fan of Lisa's work for a while, and have studied her technique and style before, so it was wonderful being able to take a class from her even though I don't live in San Francisco.

The month long course format Creativebug has started doing typically includes a long (45 - 70 minutes give or take) video and a pdf worksheet each week, plus a weekly live chat/call with the teacher and a moderator from Creativebug fielding questions. And to take full advantage of it, I did a Facebook fast for the month so I would really spend some extra time focusing on drawing!

Here you can see the progression of the work I did over the month, starting with the initial exercises everyone did with the poppies and succulents, and doodling on top of photos (I used magazine pages rather than actual photographs). Then I moved on to some of my own ideas where I applied the techniques we were learning - the clothesline, ribbon, and the flowers. I felt like the results were so-so on the exercises, but then when I broke out into doing my own ideas/designs, I felt like I suddenly made huge strides and loved the results!

One of the best parts is that once I tried my own ideas, I also felt it looked less like a copycat of Lisa's work and style, which was very reassuring. It's so important to move past doing "studies" of other peoples' styles, to incorporating your favourite parts into your own style! I've seen time and time again, people getting stuck mimicking the style of the teacher, and so have tried to be very mindful of this myself.

Finally, I applied some of what I learned to my Heartgirl drawing series I've been working on, and the results were wonderful...some of you have seen some sneak peeks of these - there are a few posted on my Flickr. I'll be posting a full post dedicated to my Heartgirl drawings really soon!


ps. If you want to do this course minus the live chats, it's still up on the Creativebug site!