I almost didn't make it south of the border yesterday... it was like a scene from a movie when someone has a plane to catch and everything goes wrong. There was actual running from the wrong wing of the airport where I'd stood in line for 20 mins. to find out I was late enough that my bags might not make it, to the right wing of the airport where the bitchy Air Canada lady put a tag with an L on my bags (L is for late), and told me that if I hadn't checked in online the night before they would have given up my seat. At this point, I was checking through 55mins prior to my flight. Seriously, I know I was late, but I'm sure there are way later people! Anyhow, I made it to LA, bags and all!

Cousinas :-)

When I started working on the edge of Gastown in the early spring, I had noticed Nuba across the street--kinda hard to tell what was going on there from the outside, but my workmates insisted it was a good place. But you see, I can hardly eat ANYWHERE. I've got a shwack (yes, a schwack) of food allergies, and it is incredibly difficult for me to find any restaurants where I can eat more than just salad.

So I saw it there across the street on a daily basis, but thought surely it can't be any more accomodating than the usual places. In May, Beyond Robson featured an article on Nuba, and a great article at that, full of praise. And still, I thought, surely I will just be disappointed if I go in...


One of my favorite stops at the market has not been a produce stand at all (although they are wonderful, of course!), but Maison Cote. You'll know it when you see the rows of sacs of flavoured salts, and the bottles of vinegars gleaming away. If you come in for a look, I assure you, you will be amazed by the variety and sheer drool factor.


Update: Sadly the Bad Girl Chocolates website no longer seems to work, so I can only assume they've closed shop.

There are a good number of local chocolate companies around here, most specialize in chocolate bars, many have dairy free options. But my favorite find in the last couple years is Bad Girl Chocolates. These chocolates are AMAZING, in particular the truffles, and not only that, a lot of them are vegan (ie. dairy free so I can eat them, yay!). My favourites so far are the pomegranate truffle, and the the chai truffle (which I don't think is actually available anymore), but the five-spice is also really good.

bad girl chocolates

Brace yourself, it's a random-assed post.

1) Out on Screen: had comp tickets (if you don't know what it is, it's Vancouver's queer film festival--and I'm going to use the word queer even though there was much discussion during the Q&A about preferred terms), and went to The Love that Won't Shut Up. It was a short film commissioned by Out On Screen's Queer History Project, made by Veda Hille and Ivan E. Coyote who both performed several songs/spoken word pieces. Bill Munroe (one of the people in the film) also performed. The film was mainly about different perspectives on the history of the queer community in Vancouver. It was great because I learned a lot that I didn't even realize I didn't know about the topic, and it also reminded me that (even though things seem super progressive living in the West End) there are still a lot of people out there who don't accept the queer community. There was still a tangible hurt in the room when topics such as gay bashing, gay marriage, and those who are no longer with us came up. I think it's easy to forget these things are still huge issues. I had a sad moment when I started thinking of one of my most favorite profs from my undergrad who died from AIDS in April of this year, and realized that probably everyone there knew him.

Trevor Walker, Plenty, Victoria

Last time I was in Victoria, in the early spring of this year, I discovered what is now one of my all-time favourite food shops. I can't really call it a grocery store, even though with the variety of foods available there, it could qualify as one, but it's more of a gourmet food shop, or maybe a food lover's equivalent of a kid in a candy store. When I first walked into Plenty, the thing that blew me away was that there were so many things there that I'd never seen before! I've shopped in a lot of crazy food stores across the country, and seriously, this is one of the best.


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