Knit City = Amazingness!

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Knitters from Vancouver and surrounding areas have been eagerly chomping at the bit for weeks, nay months, waiting for this past weekend to arrive. Why? Knit City!!!

Knit City!

Knit City was a weekend-long event put on by Knit Social, a knitting event company run by Amanda Milne and Fiona McLean. It was the first one, but judging by how popular it was, I doubt it will be the last. The level of excitement about this event was hard to contain - Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook were full of knitting posts and high praise for the event. It was indeed wonderful!


Vendors, demos, workshops, and an opening night party with speakers created the basis for this event, but what really made it so fantastic was clearly all the wonderful yarn and all the wonderful people.

Vegan yarns
in New Westminster

From the About page on the Knit Social site: 

Our mandate is to help this community of crafters and artisans grow and become even more closely tight-knit. We have so much to teach and share with one another, so let’s get social and bring this community together.

Can I just say, mission accomplished! It was clear that the knitting community in Vancouver is extremely hungry for reasons to get together, knit, crochet, spin, weave, felt, and learn together. The vibe of Knit City was spot on - so friendly and warm, hip but not too exclusive, and it felt like a community


As someone who's organized conferences in the past, I could tell what immense time and energy had gone into organizing the event. The attention to detail was notable, and things seemed to be running as if they'd done it many times already. Many people traveled a long way (even from Alberta!) to get here, and everyone looked and sounded like they were having a fantastic time.

Jane Richmond and her patterns!
Jane Richmond and her designs

My highlights (I didn't go to any workshops, just visited the vendor tables on Sunday afternoon) were:

  • Seeing a bunch of Jane Richmond's patterns up close and personal (how did I not know she was in BC??)
  • Meeting my internet friend Sylvia in person (finally!) and chatting about zines and chronic illnesses (yes, that is fun for me!)
  • Finding some great washable sock yarn from Yarn Makes Me Happy from Salmon Arm, BC, to try my first real sock pattern.
  • Chatting with the lovely ladies from Baaad Anna's and finding out that I can bring my dinner to Stitch and Bitch night, which means I can actually go to Stitch and Bitch night, yay!
  • Finding out about so many other great fiber artists in the area, and patting all their lovely yarns!

I dare say, Vancouver became a little bit more of the city I seek this weekend. Thanks y'all.