Just wanna sleep.

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week on the couch v.2

Maybe I was too cocky thinking that I'd already paid my sickness dues for the year.  I was surely wrong, and after feeling like I was fighting something off for a few days, the telltale signs of the insipid sinus infection, just like what took me down for over a month in the summer.  I went to the doctor right away and started on antibiotics, but damned if it hasn't taken me down anyway.

A week in now, I am still totally wiped out, basically wanting to sleep all day.  I made it into work for a few hours Friday, the first day all week, but it totally wore me out and I've had to skip out on all the fun I was supposed to join in on this weekend trying to rest up for tomorrow.

Tomorrow's the Drupal Christmas social and code sprint for FearlessCity.ca, and I'm just not even entertaining the thought I might have to miss it, so hopefully whoever else is going will see me there tomorrow.  If you're a Drupaller, you should come out! If I manage to make it through just part of the sprint, I'll consider it a success, and either way the awesome developers who are planning to come out are all set up to work on the site and help out a great organization.

Then I just have to worry about making it through the week, and after that I can sleep my way back to health. I refuse to let this drag on like it did in the summer, I just won't have it!

week on the couch v.1

I think I'm usually pretty tough about not letting feeling crappy get me down, and pushing through the ups and downs of day to day stomach ickiness is something I've grown accustomed to, but having to deal with being sick on top of that for a week plus really starts to grate on me.  I'm trying not to let myself go to that place, but it can be really, really tough when there's so much I'd rather be doing than laying around feeling exhausted.