Just try and catch me

You know life ain't half bad when...

it's this nice out today


I went to LA last weekend to visit my cousins (this being the rescheduled trip from Christmas). The timing was actually perfect - one of my cousins just had his first kid a few weeks prior, and another is going to be moving to Oregon in a couple months (which is actually great, cause it's closer to me!)  I had such a nice visit with them, and just felt really happy and relaxed there.  Better than I'd felt in a long time. (Photos from LA)

Things change so quickly these days, friends having families (congrats Mark and Deb!), people changing jobs, people moving back and forth... I feel so freshly settled into my current life some days that it all just seems to whiz by me.  It's like I'm walking in slow motion while everyone else runs around in a game of tag.

But I know that however slowly, I am moving forward.  I think this summer is getting off to a good start.  Some things that were broken have been rebuilt, things I thought may never be repairable.  And I think with the help of some trusted friends, I am starting to feel at peace with my place in the world, and worry less and less about whether things are right, as long as they work.

"We are entering a world," said one expert, "where people aren't interested in whether something is true or not, or whether they believe it or not, but whether it works." That would be a good prescription for you in the coming months, Scorpio. I recommend that you reject any idea or theory or practice unless it has the practical value of making you feel more at home in the world and more accepting of yourself.  (Freewill Astrology)