Hot One Inch Action: My first art show!

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Hot One Inch Action is an art show put on every year by Hot Art Wet City, an organization that promotes local artists in Vancouver and organizes various shows around town. Hot One Inch Action now happens in Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, and for the first time this year also NYC. This is the third year in a row I've attended the show, it's really fun as you (as an attendee) can take part by buying $5 bags of buttons and then trading to get the buttons you like best! 

That's all great on its own, but... this year I had a button in the show! Not only is it my first time with a design in the show, but it's the first time I've ever entered a submission in any kind of art show! So many firsts!

A variation of this sketch is what eventually became my button design - I had for some reason been drawing llamas a few weeks before the submission deadline.


When I decided to submit a design for the show, I printed out a sheet of templates to try out a bunch of rough drawings and see how different ideas would look at one inch. The small version of the llama sketch was one of my favourites from the start, and I thought it'd work well small scale with minimal colours.

Button sketches

I sent in my design, and a couple weeks later got a "yes" in my inbox - yay! On Saturday night, Bruno and I went to the show, and I finally got to see the final product! I present to you Lawrie the Llama! Named after my grandpa Lawrie, who also had a fondness for llamas.


I know it's just a tiny button, but it was really amazing seeing something I made on the wall of a gallery. With any luck not the last time...


As always, it was a packed house - such a fun event, and one of the few times that a bunch of Vancouverite strangers get into a room and actually talk to each other and interact. Amazing in its own right!


Can you spot Bruno in the video?

And of course, we did some button trading ourselves! Here's my haul at the end of the night - I spent most of the evening trying to pry a hedgehog out of someone's hands (unsuccessfully), and then right at the last minute, Bruno managed to score one for me! My hero. 


Good time had by all. Thanks to Chris and the other organizers for putting on another great button show.