• Ouchie

    As Travis detailed, February has indeed been a cruel month for many - it delivered me one final (I hope) blow yesterday (not for the squeamish: the damage - yes I know I'm being a wuss about it, but it still hurts like a mofo a day later!), but in a few hours it'll officially be done and gone.  That's not to say there weren't any high points, it was a bit of a roller coaster ride.  In any case, now that it's done, it feels as if it flew by and I'm already starting to carefully block the low points out of my memory. ;-)

  • Just really wanted to post my two favourite photos from Whistler a couple weeks ago before I forget for good.  So many cute dogs around town, I was in heaven.  (Whistler Public Library in background.)

    So many awesome dogs

  • Or at least that's the idea, to find balance and ride the wave rather than fight the current.


    The next five weeks are going to be intense, so I am focusing on strength, calm, and perseverance to get through it.  My boss is going to be away for a month, and there is a lot going on at work.  I have been entrusted with keeping the ship afloat while he's gone, which is a big responsibility.  Then the same day he gets back, I head out to DrupalCon.

  • Friday, December 19th - lovely dusting of snow, viewed through the window of AB headquarters.  Finished off and had a great evening with friends, then spent Saturday and Sunday running around prepping to leave for LA, where I was heading to spend Christmas with my cousins.

    A nice dusting of snow


  • It's supposed to go down to -19C with the wind chill tonight.  Totally unheard of.  Everyone is complaining about the cold like crazy, and yet I'm pretty sure a lot of people are really enjoying it (myself included).  Maybe it's the lack of rain, but people seem pretty cheery.

    MORE SNOW!!!

    Of course for a lot of people who aren't as lucky as us, it's very, very tough dealing with this kind of weather.  I feel even luckier that usual just to have my warm, dry apartment and a nice bed to sleep in.

    MORE SNOW!!!

  • week on the couch v.2

    Maybe I was too cocky thinking that I'd already paid my sickness dues for the year.  I was surely wrong, and after feeling like I was fighting something off for a few days, the telltale signs of the insipid sinus infection, just like what took me down for over a month in the summer.  I went to the doctor right away and started on antibiotics, but damned if it hasn't taken me down anyway.

    A week in now, I am still totally wiped out, basically wanting to sleep all day.  I made it into work for a few hours Friday, the first day all week, but it totally wore me out and I've had to skip out on all the fun I was supposed to join in on this weekend trying to rest up for tomorrow.

  • If you like Portland, be sure to read to the end! I really like zines [Wikipedia].  And more than that, I really like Shawn Granton's zines.  In fact, I'd say he's probably my favorite zine writer/illustrator--sure I might relate more to some of the more personal zines of authors like Taryn Hipp, or Pagan Kennedy, but Shawn is an awesome, AWESOME illustrator/cartoonist, and writes about lots of cool things like biking, Portland, and living on the west coast.  Not just that, but he is one of the few zine writers whose work I never find self indulgent or narcissistic, which is one of the inevitable pitfalls pouring your heart out in written/illustrated form seems often to lead to. So, I had picked up a bunch of Shawn's zines last year at Spartacus, but since then, hadn't been able to find any more, and resigned myself to just getting treated to the occasional piece in Momentum. But then I was like, fuck this, I wanna read more awesome zines!  So, I sent Shawn an email, and after a few back and forths and missed connections, he offered to send me a bunch of whatever he had around for ten bucks. This already sounded like a great deal for me, so I sent it along with a card and an extra little surprise of a handmade felt patch for being so generally rad.  About two weeks later, a parcel arrived in the mail: 


  • Earlier in the fall, I was walking down the back lane on my way home, and came across this funny little truck.  It caught my eye because I thought at first it might be an Electic Vehicle...upon further inspection, it didn't actually appear to be one, but then I noticed something even more interesting.  It was a truck for a gardening company...The Silent Gardener.  But how could such a small truck carry all the equipment gardners use?

    As soon as I put two and two together, I looked at the truck's cargo: push mowers, brooms, aeration tools... no big gas powered mowers, no leaf blowers.  Could it be it was really that, a silent gardening service? 

    The Silent Gardener

  • From my twitter this morning: "intentions for the year to come: treat myself with the same kindness as i do those dearest to me. keep an open heart. laugh love breathe."

    (If I look a little squinty it's cause of the crazy strong winds trying to knock me over...)

  • I like marshmallows, let's just start with that. I had seen packages of gourmet marshmallows at Urban Fare, but I thought them much too indulgent a purchase and hadn't dared consider actually buying them... Until the day the fall Capers Community Fair was on a few weeks back. Butter Baked Goods, the makers of these marshmallows had a booth set up, and were selling their marshmallows for about 3/4 their usual price, and I decided it was time to give them a try. I scanned the flavours and narrowed it down to peppermint or pumpkin spice. I pointed at the pumpkin spice bag and asked the woman at the stand whether they had any dairy in them (I'm allergic), and you know what she did? She picked the bag up and handed it to me, and said, "Nope, no dairy, here have a bag!" I don't think she had any idea what a bad couple days I'd had or how much it cheered me up, but it was greatly appreciated, in one of those renewing-my-faith-in-humanity sort of ways...

    Gourmet marshmallows from Butter Baked Goods


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