• If you get on the Mt. Seymour Parkway in North Vancouver, and keep driving east all the way down the hill into Deep Cove, then left onto Deep Cove Road, and then continue until it turns into Gallant Ave, you will find the most delightful little shop at the end of the road: Room6 (special things for nice people). <-- it really is!

    Room 6!

  • Intermission.
    Breathing space.


    It's taken me a bit of time to figure out how to write about this.

  • I first heard about Marché St. George a very long time before finally going to check it out in person. I read their blog for a very long time - the aesthetic and the photos in it are worthwhile in their own right, even if you don't live in the area (and they do have a few things in their online shop, including some of the most gorgeous linens). In the end, the charm was impossible to resist. In fact, just RSS it right now, don't delay, here's the feed URL (in case you're nerdy like me).

    Marché St. George

  • I was traveling for a conference a couple weeks ago, and decided since I rarely use my laptop at conferences and hate lugging it around the whole time that I'd only bring the iPad with me each day. Drastic, I know!

    Then a couple days before leaving, I realized I had nothing to put the iPad in to transport it, so I decided to whip up a little case for it! It turned out great, especially for something I totally winged, sans pattern or actual measurements (not something I recommend for everyone, but if you've sewed a lot of bags/pillows/etc. it's just a rectangle, so pretty hard to screw up!)

    Here's the finished product, and I'll fill in a few details below:

    iPad cover

  • I blame Jeff Rogers, Bon Iver, and a couple of inspiring friends (ie. my fitness idols) for what happened after work today: I exercised. 

    Not just my occasional yoga routine, or slow lane puttering in the pool. I did a workout. I did a workout DVD. I did a workout DVD with Bon Iver. It involved squats, weights, and cardio, and some heavy breathing. Things that I haven't done in a long while.

    From Huff Post

  • So many things have been going on since I last posted! Where do I even start?!

    The end of the summer came and went, Bruno and I went to Europe for a couple weeks for a big visit to Belgium to meet his family and friends, and then DrupalCon London. DrupalCon went by quickly with Bruno and a few of the other Affinity Bridgers there.

    Trivia night!


  • When I started writing this post, I decided to search my inbox for my oldest correspondance with Lunapads, and found an email from Sept. 1, 2006, related to entering a contest to win some kind of Lunapads prizes. In the email, I mentioned that I already had some of their wares... that makes me a customer for over five years! And that's only a third of Lunapads' existence - they'd already been in business for over ten years by that time.

    As far as I can remember, I first found out about Lunapads from ads in Bust Magazine, which I used to have a subscription to in university. The women's center at school used to hold "sew your own pads" DIY workshops on occasion, so this wasn't a completely new concept to me, but the specific design of Lunapads (in comparison to the other reusable pads I'd seen) held some real appeal. I was hooked after my first order.

    Lunapads, liners, and pouches

  • Another one for the ever growing RIP Files...

    I lived in the West End for a few years when I first moved into Vancouver proper, until just over a year ago. More specifically, I lived right across the alley from this fantastic little independent movie rental shop on Denman, called Independent Flixx.

    Photo by Jordan Dawe

    Never before or again have I been so close to such an amazing selection of movies - they had it all. New releases, independent films, foreign films, GLBT movies, tons of classics (everything from Jackie Chan to Reality Bites, to Bond movies), and my favourite... TONS of Canadian movies!

  • After all the great feedback on the previous post on Burnout, and Randy Fay's excellent talk (video included) and blog posts.

    A few things that I can say for sure:

  • Randy Fay is doing a session at DrupalCon on Burnout:

    We have an incredible group of people who invest deeply in our common project. Some significant portion of this group is near burnout at any given time, and we've lost important contributors, some famously, as a result of this.

    The more general problem is: How can we help our contributors to manage their work so they don't get so close to burnout? How can we help people find (or regain) balance while dealing with the technical and social problems of contributing to our great project?

    Proposed solution:
    - Begin a concentrated initiative to grow and keep our contributors, and to keep them happy.
    - Make this a goal a key project responsibility.

    He just posted a blog post, on defining burnout and signs of it, this week as well.



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