• Just went with a fun sketch today (pardon that it's not the best digitizing). I've had a lot going on emotionally this last week, and am still cutting myself some slack. This is a succulent I used to have on my balcony when I lived in the west end. Fond memories attached to it.

    Succulent sketch

  • Holy moly, today really got away from me! Luckily I have super pretty mutating roses to show you! They used to be white. This spring the new leaves were red (they're not anymore) and the roses were super dark red! Now they've settled into redish pink, the bush is LOADED with roses, and they smell absolutely glorious.

    Lovely roses, wish you could smell them!

  • Aren't nasturtiums amazing? They are one plant I just can't get enough of. The leaves are amazing, the flowers are beautiful, and you can eat them all! AND if you're really lucky... they attract hummingbirds!!! Can't wait for these little guys to grow and bloom...

    Nasturtium leaves

  • Photo day! We bough some mystery lilies from my ballet teacher's plant sale last year, and it turned out there was a couple varieties in the clump (I think there are actually three separate plants). One is a single petal version, and another appears to actually be a double in the same colour - it's really pretty when it's in full bloom!


    Bright like the sun, have a good one!

  • Chard! (Need I say more?)


  • Today I tried something a little different - watercolour without first tracing the painting in pencil. 

    Dahlia watercolour

  • I've been spending waaaay too long most days on these! My lovely cousin suggested I do some quick "5 minute" sketches - I ended up doing more like a 20 minute sketch, but it was a nice change of pace and challenge. Hostas...

    Hosta line drawing sketch

  • I don't actually know what these flowers are - I photographed them last year at Queen Elizabeth Park, I think in the quarry garden. If you know what they are, let me know!

    Anyone know what these are called?

    The background of the photo I painted from was extremely blurry, so I started with the flowers, and then thought for a while about how to do the greenery and/or background.... I just kind of experimented with leaves that looked vaguely like what I could make out, so it was kind of improvised.

    In progress

  • I tried painting a few anemones from a photo today... the big one feels kinda clunky and unfinished, but I particularly like the little one above it.

    Watercolour anemones

  • You got to push, got to shove
    I've got to eat before they eat me
    Got the crown and the cup
    I've got to write to my family
    And say, "I'm calm and feeling warm."
    I'm not quite there, but I'm close
    And it's a world of difference​

    (Life on the Nickel, Foster the People)

    Sometimes life is fine and dandy, and you can just let it flow. Just live. Just be. Other times, life smacks you upside the head and says WAKE THE FUCK UP. You realize that a lot of things are really wrong, and they have been for a looooong time. At this point you can either stick your head in the sand and maintain the status quo, or answer the wake up call. If you answer, you're signing up for hard work. If you don't answer, you're signing up for more of the same. Neither one is pleasant, but one at least holds the potential for things to get better.


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