• On the weekend, one of my IG friends posted a stunning photo online, and when I said I might have to paint it, she dared me to follow through...


  • First, some news! I finally finished up and launched a Facebook page for my art and creative endeavours! Be sure to "like" it if you want to follow along - I'll be sharing my own work, as well as other artists that I like, and various tidbits. Thanks for your support!

    Now, onto today's botany! I have no idea what these trees are, but I suddenly started seeing them all around the neighbourhood - they are absolutely stunning! 


    They are so bright! Standing in front of them, I feel like I'm being transported to Santa Monica - land of the amazing flowering trees.

  • Today's flora has a little fauna in it - I was peering down at these delicate blue flowers when I saw a sheen... It was hard to capture in the wind, but there's something so cool about seeing insects interacting with the environment.

    I spy a fly

    Beauty in the details. It helps put things in perspective.

  • I am kind of in love with this one!!! I started with a pencil outline of some dahlias (below) and then inked it with black pen, then coloured it lightly with watercolours. 


  • Experimental pen drawing and painting combo for today...


  • Well, I started this painting yesterday and over the course of painting it, I wrote it off a few times feeling like it'd turned into a garbled mess. And yet somehow, I managed to salvage it and even make it nice!


    That said, I think I need to learn some things about what order to paint layers in, and also stop making such complicated paintings with dark backgrounds. They are tricky as heck to do, though I like the effect... Need to remember this is project a day, and to save the tough stuff for projects with a longer timeline!

  • Another mystery plant! I love these tiny flowers that from afar almost look fluffy. Before blooming (below) the whole stem really has a lovely shape too.

    tiny flowers


    And.... that's all I've got today!

  • Tried sketching some hydrangeas today. I coloured them with markers too but like the original uncoloured best (there's a peek at the best section of the coloured version below). Otherwise, today was a bit of a rollercoaster and I'm wiped, so I'm gonna leave it at that!

    Hydrangea sketch

    Detail colour

  • I don't know what these are, but they are so cheerful and the bees seem to love them! There've been a lot more bees in the neighbourhood this year so far, a good sign for sure. 


    I went to chop the flower shoots off the hostas tonight, as the flowers have mostly had it and are making a real mess, when bzzzz... a bumble bee came bumbling along for some more nectar and pollen. I then realized that even though the flowers looked finished for the season, the bees were still harvesting! Shoot, I felt so bad for jumping the gun!

  • This was the photo I was taking when the attack happened...



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