• Another mystery plant! I love these tiny flowers that from afar almost look fluffy. Before blooming (below) the whole stem really has a lovely shape too.

    tiny flowers


    And.... that's all I've got today!

  • Tried sketching some hydrangeas today. I coloured them with markers too but like the original uncoloured best (there's a peek at the best section of the coloured version below). Otherwise, today was a bit of a rollercoaster and I'm wiped, so I'm gonna leave it at that!

    Hydrangea sketch

    Detail colour

  • I don't know what these are, but they are so cheerful and the bees seem to love them! There've been a lot more bees in the neighbourhood this year so far, a good sign for sure. 


    I went to chop the flower shoots off the hostas tonight, as the flowers have mostly had it and are making a real mess, when bzzzz... a bumble bee came bumbling along for some more nectar and pollen. I then realized that even though the flowers looked finished for the season, the bees were still harvesting! Shoot, I felt so bad for jumping the gun!

  • This was the photo I was taking when the attack happened...


  • Alison's pinwheel flowers stampified

    A couple days ago a friend of mine posted a photo of what I believe to be a striped petunia of some sort like these ones, and said that she'd love to see them in my 365 project. They had such a distinct pattern, and I pondered whether there was something unique I could do to reproduce it, so I ended up carving a couple stamps!


  • I looooove these. I remember trying to grow them one summer in Saskatoon, but I don't think they lasted very long. I wish I could remember what they're called (anyone know? verdict is in c/o my mom: moss roses or Portulaca grandiflora). Someone in the neighbourhood has some very nice ones growing.


  • Quick pencil sketch of a lily. Time for walkies now, gotta go! 


  • Succulents! Pen sketch! 


    Today I ventured out to the west side of the city to go have a little pow-wow with my doctor. I check in with him every month or so to review where things are at, and make adjustments to the Ariane healing plan. It's so great being able to discuss everything in so much detail, with someone who is up to speed on everything that's going on with me. I continue to be very pleased with how all this is going!

  • Quick pencil sketch of the clematis vine in our yard. Having a rough health day today - have several interrupted sleeps piled up (summer makes people so loud in the mornings!) and my digestive system started going a bit wonky last night, so I didn't have a lot of energy for art today. 

    clematis sketch

  • Let's be honest: I have a lot of favourite plants. But one of my favouritest of favourites is the dahlia. Not only are they pretty, but they are fascinating! There is an endless variety of shapes and colours, thanks to them being a plant that is easily crossbred. And some of them are so geometric looking, it's hard to believe they are even real! Go science!

    This photo is (as per the self-imposed rules of my 365 project) a new one...



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