• Since my creative energy started flowing again over the last several months, I've been frittering a lot of time away on various projects. Writing Chronically Yours, sewing, drawing, painting, working on my 365 project. That on top of the usual things I do these days: self care (sleep/eat/exercise as able; go to appointments/get tests/take supplements and medications), house stuff, garden maintenance; rest, rest, rest... I've been feeling a little all over the place. Not exactly what I was going for.

  • I think this is a variety of clover - when you start really noticing them, there are so many different shapes and colours!

    Some kind of clover?

  • Another flowering tree I've seen around, that makes me feel like I'm in California. With the heat ramping back up, it's easy to believe!

    pink fluffy tree - feeling california pt 2

    In other news, my digestive system has been on a rampage the last few days, but we're going to make the best of this extra day off and get a little nature time + family time. 

    What did you get up to on this long weekend? Hope you all had a good one!

  • Nearby to where we live is the most massive lavender bush I've ever seen, it must be decades old...


    Today, I am going to brave one of those terrible things that must be done every decade or so: luggage shopping. Wish me luck.

  • Pressing onwards for now... which will mean lots more photos! Glowing nasturtium leaf, backlit by the sun.


  • While I was doing yoga, these two words came to me: purpose and peace. I spent the rest of the day making this... 


  • This has not been a good week, and I feel all kinds of gross tonight, to the point where I almost forgot about this. I'm starting to think this project is not sustainable while also wanting to do other things with my life... biding time before making any decisions.


  • Ivy. Today is a hard day. Invasive species for invasive thoughts. 


  • On the weekend, one of my IG friends posted a stunning photo online, and when I said I might have to paint it, she dared me to follow through...


  • First, some news! I finally finished up and launched a Facebook page for my art and creative endeavours! Be sure to "like" it if you want to follow along - I'll be sharing my own work, as well as other artists that I like, and various tidbits. Thanks for your support!

    Now, onto today's botany! I have no idea what these trees are, but I suddenly started seeing them all around the neighbourhood - they are absolutely stunning! 


    They are so bright! Standing in front of them, I feel like I'm being transported to Santa Monica - land of the amazing flowering trees.


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