• I felt like doing something playful and different today, so I did some "doodling" with paint...


    Sometimes it's just fun to change things up, even if this might not be my usual style - I think I'm still finding my style, so I'm okay with trying different things!

    ps. If you haven't yet, tell me your faves!

  • The dentist appointment yesterday was a massacre!!! So glad I don't have to repeat that for a while now... Today, I tackle a less painful task: my first foray into business banking... I've been working on getting everything properly set up to be able to start selling some of my artwork, and this is one of the final major steps!


    It's times like this I'm glad we have Vancity, an amazing progressive credit union, where we live. They understand and are very supportive of small businesses, and I feel confident that they'll be able to meet my needs in an appropriate and supportive way long into the future.

  • I'm still coming off a hefty chronic fatigue flare up over the weekend, so of course, what I really wanted to do today was go to the dentist! Not. But it's just one of those things... I can not like it and do it anyway. I will say though, I don't think it's a coincidence that every day I have a dentist appointment I seem to have a terrible stomach ache. Mind-body what?


    I've managed to busy myself with catching up on a bunch of little tasks through the course of the day, mostly to distract myself until my end-of-day appointment, so all is not lost. Now everyone think cavity-free thoughts for me!

  • Does you or anyone you know A) drive and B) own a cell phone? If you answered yes, please watch this documentary short by Werner Herzog. Details here.

  • We woke up this morning to a cool breeze, rain, and thunder. It was glorious! I was hoping it'd last all day, but the sun is already breaking through. Still, a little is better than none at all...


  • I got woken up at the crack of dawn by our loud neighbours and had trouble getting back to a sleep, so I am a complete zombie today. Braiiiiiiins.


  • I love these orange mini lily things! I think I'd like to get some for our yard, but they look like they might take over if left to their own devices, so definitely need to read up on them...


    I am obsessed with these!

    Happy weekend folks!

  • Today, a painting! I tried another painting where I just freehanded it, without pencil sketching first. Like the other one I did this way, I seem to end up doing this white gap outline thing, which I think I'm growing to like. Plus dahlias, you can never go wrong with dahlias!


    I think this one actually looks even better at a distance - I'm not sure if this really gives a proper look at it that way, but it's the best I could do today!

    From afar

    Night night!

  • I LOVE these. I have been saying this a lot, but I have no idea what they are. (I thought I knew a lot about plants, but it turns out I still have a lot to learn!)


    I am just trying to hide from the heat today, laying low and such. Trying to get more little bits of my life organized... I still can barely believe it's already a week into August!

  • I had a really interesting evening tonight. I ended up deciding kind of last minute to head over to Lunapads HQ for one of their "Lunacircle" gatherings, it was the first one I made it to so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect... The topic of the night was doulas and women's bodies in times of transition, and the conversation was led by two doulas - Danika and Andrea - from Fig Birth Services. And before anyone gets ahead of themselves, no I am not pregnant, I was just curious to go listen and learn (and it turned out to be pretty split between pregnant women or women who already have children, and those who haven't had kids or don't even plan to, which I thought was really cool!).

    Lunacircle at Lunapads


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