Going the distance

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Just really wanted to post my two favourite photos from Whistler a couple weeks ago before I forget for good.  So many cute dogs around town, I was in heaven.  (Whistler Public Library in background.)

So many awesome dogs

It's the end of week 3 of my pseudo-boss-dom at work.  There have certainly been some ups and downs, the first couple weeks were really stressful, but I think I've finally hit a groove with it (that or just finally on top of all my work now).  My other theory for my calm is that between work, all the crazy plumbing fiascos going on in my apartment, and my continued ups and downs with my stomach and sinus/bronchitis stuff (which it feels like is always on the verge of resurfacing), I'm developing some kind of immunity to it.  How long this peaceful feeling will last, only time will tell.  But for now, I'm enjoying it.

Impressionist hottubbing

The beautiful sunny weather and my tulips and crocuses poking out of the dirt, announcing the imminent spring sure don't hurt either.