Day 2 in Boston: Monday, day 1 of DrupalCon Boston 2008

Got into Boston late Saturday night after a long but fairly uneventful day of travel. No snowstorm, yay! Hotel is kind of on the 'wrong side of the tracks' but is fairly nice itself. Met chx and rok (other Drupal developers) and couldn't get to sleep till about 3am Boston time, so hung out for a while.

Yesterday, I bought a disposable cell phone, since it turns out mine doesn't *really* work here (even though Bell said it would), but it's okay cause I'll be able to use it when I go to LA too. Spent a couple hours checking out Boston with Scott, hopped on the subway, picked a stop that looked relatively central (which turned out to be the oldest Subway stop in the country), and ended up getting out right into Boston Common. Walked around there and a bit of the downtown, and an old cemetary. Spent the rest of the day eating, resting, geeking, reading, and playing a little bit of rock band.


Right now I'm sitting in a hall that can hold 800 people, waiting for the keynote talk to start. I can't believe how many people are here! And it really is 93% dudes. The Drupal Chicks Birds of a Feather (BoF) session is this afternoon, and I'm really excited to hang with the other Drupal girls, and get to know they are.

Dries Buytaert is the keynote speaker, and has been mostly speaking about the changes and improvements made in Drupal 6, as well as now the goals and improvements on the slate for Drupal 7. Now Dries is talking about RDF and crazy stuff I don't understand...apparently RDF makes the internet one big database. Well that's an interesting idea. He's saying that we need to make fields the most important thing as far as content, rather than nodes. And he keeps talking about something called all sounds really cool, I will have to figure out what that's all about.

Keynote just finished, so that's all for now. Will try and add some photos/blog more later!

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