On the weekend, one of my IG friends posted a stunning photo online, and when I said I might have to paint it, she dared me to follow through...


First, some news! I finally finished up and launched a Facebook page for my art and creative endeavours! Be sure to "like" it if you want to follow along - I'll be sharing my own work, as well as other artists that I like, and various tidbits. Thanks for your support!

Now, onto today's botany! I have no idea what these trees are, but I suddenly started seeing them all around the neighbourhood - they are absolutely stunning! 


They are so bright! Standing in front of them, I feel like I'm being transported to Santa Monica - land of the amazing flowering trees.

Today's flora has a little fauna in it - I was peering down at these delicate blue flowers when I saw a sheen... It was hard to capture in the wind, but there's something so cool about seeing insects interacting with the environment.

I spy a fly

Beauty in the details. It helps put things in perspective.

I am kind of in love with this one!!! I started with a pencil outline of some dahlias (below) and then inked it with black pen, then coloured it lightly with watercolours. 


Well, I started this painting yesterday and over the course of painting it, I wrote it off a few times feeling like it'd turned into a garbled mess. And yet somehow, I managed to salvage it and even make it nice!


That said, I think I need to learn some things about what order to paint layers in, and also stop making such complicated paintings with dark backgrounds. They are tricky as heck to do, though I like the effect... Need to remember this is project a day, and to save the tough stuff for projects with a longer timeline!

A while back, I was hit with this sudden urge to sew - I know, that's nothing new. But what was new was that I really wanted to sew clothing! If I've sewed clothing before, the last time would have been before I moved to Vancouver, so 15+ years ago. I've sewed a fair bit since then, but mostly things like bags or pillow cases... this was a whole new challenge.


Saw these when we were out today, no idea what they are, but they were super pretty! Short and sweet tonight. xo

Not sure what these are!

Back on the watercolour train, freehanding succulents! This was so enjoyable to paint!!! 


I tried painting a few anemones from a photo today... the big one feels kinda clunky and unfinished, but I particularly like the little one above it.

Watercolour anemones

Did my art work earlier today, this hottest day of the heatwave - thought I should get this posted before I melt (which is now imminent). The lesson the day was sometimes it's better not to paint the background (but even if you do, you can always get rid of it!)



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