How to be alone

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I came across this again today, it's as wonderful as the first time I saw it. Had to share it here for posterity... 

It's been turned into a book now too. Tanya Davis wrote and performed the original poem.


This is just lovely - thank you for sharing it. Solitude is so under-rated in our society, and people miss out on so much when they avoid it. We have much to gain by learning to tap into our own personal energy. I've lived alone for many years now, and although it's tough at times, it has also taught me how to be my own best friend - and who doesn't need that?

Hi Sarah - I completely agree! I lived alone a good deal off and on over the last 15 years, and even though it was hard at times, it helped me become really comfortable with myself and with being on my own. It's a good skill to cultivate, and seems to form a solid base for getting to truly know oneself.

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