Chronically Yours issue 2 is out!

The day has finally arrived... 

Issue 2 of Chronically Yours is finished and for sale!

It's taken me a whole year to get this issue done... I've been kind of preoccupied, ironically, dealing with my health and wellbeing! Slowly, but surely, I've been working away at it, and after a little stapling party, it's done!

This issue focuses on my experiences in the healthcare system, as someone with multiple, invisible, chronic illnesses. I first developed IBS when I was about 7 years old, and have proceeded to develop other conditions and have many (mis)adventures since then... Many of them are documented in this here zine, I only left a couple of the most gruesome ones out... (maybe you'll get to hear them at a later date!) This issue is roughly appropriate for age 16+, if in doubt, please have a read yourself before passing onto any teens.

In this issue, I also talk about how, after many years of muddling my way through, I finally became a better self-advocate, and built my healthcare dream team! 

Just for fun, there's a special little "easter egg" game for any keeners who are also music enthusiasts such as myself... In the section about my health team, each subheading is a word play on some song lyrics! I know, what??? Really, I did this. I was going to have a prize, but holy hell are there a lot of legalities around giveaways, and they scare me! So it'll just have to be for your own nerdy satisfaction!

I've also reprinted and re-stocked Issue 1 if you missed out, so head on over to my Etsy shop to pick up one or both issues!

For local friends, if you want to save on shipping and pick a copy up from our place, DO NOT buy via Etsy. Just let me know and I'll hold your copy/copies for a couple weeks so you can come get it!

Thanks everyone for all your support with this zine project, I've been blown away by the positive feedback I've gotten from so many of you!