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SLlogo200SpendLocally.ca was a site I ran for several years, promoting local services and business that I came across in my daily life. I've since retired the site, and moved the posts so they can live on at arianek.com. I may from time to time add new posts about local businesses, and you can always get directly to them by visiting the SpendLocally.ca URL, which will redirect you to the list of posts here.

Sad but true, my favourite comic book store in town, Elfsar, (who I first blogged about almost 2 years ago) is closing tomorrow. As you can read in the blog post, their rent got hiked over 250%, and that was that. They've got a big sale on, so if you're in town this weekend, show your support, get some cheap books, and bid your farewells.

What better reason to give ol' SpendLocally.ca a little much-needed love than to memorialize one of my favourite local businesses. Sadly, my favourite bookstore in Vancouver, Duthie Books, has closed their final location in Kits, after 53 years in business.

Duthie Books pilgrimage. Sad to say goodbye.

From the press release posted on their website:

 Not to worry!  Read up and you won't have to ask yourself any longer... Vancouver Car Free Day + Main St. Market at Blim = Awesome Sunday!

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, remember how much fun World Naked Bike Ride was last year?   Saturday it returns!

Fun times!

Go go synchronicity!

But before we get to that...the West End and Kits farmers markets start this weekend! (Trout Lake's been on for a couple weeks already) Details on the www.eatlocal.org site.

New Nuba

Earlier in the fall, I was walking down the back lane on my way home, and came across this funny little truck.  It caught my eye because I thought at first it might be an Electic Vehicle...upon further inspection, it didn't actually appear to be one, but then I noticed something even more interesting.  It was a truck for a gardening company...The Silent Gardener.  But how could such a small truck carry all the equipment gardners use?

As soon as I put two and two together, I looked at the truck's cargo: push mowers, brooms, aeration tools... no big gas powered mowers, no leaf blowers.  Could it be it was really that, a silent gardening service? 

The Silent Gardener

I like marshmallows, let's just start with that. I had seen packages of gourmet marshmallows at Urban Fare, but I thought them much too indulgent a purchase and hadn't dared consider actually buying them... Until the day the fall Capers Community Fair was on a few weeks back. Butter Baked Goods, the makers of these marshmallows had a booth set up, and were selling their marshmallows for about 3/4 their usual price, and I decided it was time to give them a try. I scanned the flavours and narrowed it down to peppermint or pumpkin spice. I pointed at the pumpkin spice bag and asked the woman at the stand whether they had any dairy in them (I'm allergic), and you know what she did? She picked the bag up and handed it to me, and said, "Nope, no dairy, here have a bag!" I don't think she had any idea what a bad couple days I'd had or how much it cheered me up, but it was greatly appreciated, in one of those renewing-my-faith-in-humanity sort of ways...

Gourmet marshmallows from Butter Baked Goods

I have a confession. I've developed a new little vice: I think I'm becoming a comic book nerd! I never really read a lot of comics growing up, other than the odd Archie comic, and though I knew graphic novels had been becoming more popular, I never really jumped on that bandwagon either. I read Persepolis, and really enjoyed it, but what really got me hooked is the comic book Proof.

tasty comics

I started hunting for a new bike a couple months ago I went to a bunch of shops around town over the course of a few days and test drove a whole bunch of different styles of bikes to see if the style I thoughtI wanted, a cruiser, actually felt like it was going to fit my needs. I arbitrarily decided to start with the furthest shops out and work my way towards my neighbourhood, and I found a few that were okay, but wasn't really falling in love with anything. Plus, a lot of the shops were either so busy I could hardly get anyone to hook me up with a test drive, or the sales people would peddle bikes to me in a really insincere way, obviously just trying to make a sale as quickly as possible.

I pressed on, and finally ended up at the Denman Bike Shop, which is right in my neighbourhood, only to find that it was where I really should've started my hunt! They specialize in cruisers (though they do sell other styles as well), and have a great selection of bikes ranging from the practical to totally decked out one-speeds for leisurely riding and lots of attention. They have a huge selection of Electra bikes, who make a couple of the models I wanted to test out, which is how I ended up spending a good chunk of my afternoon there trying out bikes.

Denman Bike Shop

This was by far one of the most fun weekends I've had in a long time. It was largely because I'm finally feeling a fair bit better, probably back to 80% or so after a few weeks of all my health crap flaring up. I forget how nice it is to actually have the energy to actually do all the stuff I want! Friday was pretty low key, but highlights involved going swimming for the first time in a couple years. The funny part was there was a couple triathletes there (World Triathlon Championships were in town this weekend), just to contrast the two ends of the human swimming ability spectrum. Things I forgot about swimming: 1) how psyched I get when I throw on my jeans and a hoody over my swimsuit before heading out, 2) how fun it is, and how relaxing swimming under the water can be, and 3) how much I totally suck at it!

Good times none the less, and I will definitely have to go more often now that I broke the seal! Friday night, headed over to Snootytown...I mean Yaletown, and watched House of Flying Daggers with some friends, which was actually an okay movie, very visually stunning even though the story line was a little iffy. Much goofiness and fun was had over the course of the evening.


Jenn sent me an email a while back (I think she found my blog through HappyFrog.ca), telling me about her shop, and I finally made it over there last weekend to check it out and snap some photos! She was super friendly and we ended up chatting for quite a while--be sure to introduce yourself if you stop by and she's there!

Jennifer - Pollination owner


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