Photo day! Saskatoon Berry bush!

Saskatoon Berries

I lucked into a Saskatoon Berry bush when I originally started renting this place (that Bruno and I eventually bought), it was almost as if it was meant to be. I could hardly believe it when it first fruited and I realized what it was (as I grew up in Saskatoon, eating Saskatoon berry everything).

This year's early heat and plentiful rain has brought the best crop yet, I've barely had time to eat them fresh, just trying to keep up with freezing them all before they drop. Most of them have ripened in a matter of only a couple weeks. I'm about to freeze my third mini-pan of them, and am thrilled to have my own homegrown stash for the winter.

Gingko Tree

So it's another photograph for you today, of our baby gingko tree that we got last year. Aren't gingko leaves one of the coolest things? Such a unique shape and really pretty texture.

I had a pretty crazy day - started with a specialist appointment I'd been waiting about 7 months for... except it turned out the idiot walk-in clinic doctor who had referred me really wasn't listening (just like I thought) and sent me to the wrong kind of specialist! You can't make this stuff up people.

Then happier times this afternoon, I got to go hang out with my old workmates who were having a team bonding day nearby. I'm so glad I've been able to stay in touch with all of them, they are fine folks!

Japanese Maple

Today was a pretty draining day (as the next couple are likely to be as well), so I decided to opt for some photos of our new tree friend, a beautiful little Japanese Maple. We fell in love with it this past weekend and had to bring it home with us. Now we just have to figure out the right spot to plant it, and whether or not we also need to shuffle some of the other plants around a bit.

Today was the final day of a six week self-portraiture course I was taking, called You Are Your Own Muse, taught by local photographer Vivienne McMaster. I found out about Vivienne's courses through a friend who had taken one of her previous courses, and decided to sign up. I've been finding having some daily prompts and extra motivation to do creative work very helpful in keeping my momentum after finally getting out of my creative paralysis last fall!


Happy spring everyone!

ps. Bruno is officially a Canadian permanent resident as of yesterday, hooray!

I went for a little solo photowalk the other day, in some strange yellow sunset light... As most of you know I'm no longer really a West End girl, so these shots are around East Van. Hope you like em!

Cone variety of hydrangeas?

I didn't get around to writing a more detailed post about Bruno's and my road trip through Oregon and California, though I've peppered some of the photos through posts since then. Better late than never, I wanted to at least gather my favourite photos, both digital and film (now that I've got them developed). I've kept the two kinds separate, since the film ones have a bit of a different look that I find interesting. You can see the full unedited set here.

It was a wonderful two weeks, the redwoods and the coast were so much more breathtaking than I'd ever imagined. The coast was so rugged, and the trees were so enormous. I particularly enjoyed camping our way south, and spending some more time in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Portland.


Your eyes don't deceive you, West End Girl is shiny and new! It's undergone a software upgrade and has a new design that's a lot lighter (in both weight and colour). It'll make reading here easier on your eyes, and allow my photos to shine in their full glory. There are still some kinks to work out and I'm sure I'll keep adding and adjusting along the way, but the bulk of the work is complete, yay! Huge thanks to Damien from CanTrust Hosting Co-operative and my lovely Bruno for all their help making this ominous task much less daunting! Now, where were we? I've got so much to catch you up on... Don't worry, I'll break it into several posts so I don't write a novel!

So many things have been going on since I last posted! Where do I even start?!

The end of the summer came and went, Bruno and I went to Europe for a couple weeks for a big visit to Belgium to meet his family and friends, and then DrupalCon London. DrupalCon went by quickly with Bruno and a few of the other Affinity Bridgers there.

Trivia night!


The weeks (months) leading up to the Christmas holidays continued to be really busy. We'd been really cramming at work, and I was also doing a lot of Drupal work (we had a big Documentation meeting/sprint weekend the weekend before holidays that people flew in for, and it's also been a big push getting the Drupal 7 docs done for its release which is coming up this week). I was definitely running on fumes. Thankfully we'd made the wise decision early on to shut down entirely at work for two weeks over the holidays, so we could all take a proper, well-deserved break. I went back to Saskatoon for a full week and a half, to have Christmas with my parents, and basically just do what Frankie says (ie. relax).

box chaos
Decorating the tree with my mom


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