I love these orange mini lily things! I think I'd like to get some for our yard, but they look like they might take over if left to their own devices, so definitely need to read up on them...


I am obsessed with these!

Happy weekend folks!

I LOVE these. I have been saying this a lot, but I have no idea what they are. (I thought I knew a lot about plants, but it turns out I still have a lot to learn!)


I am just trying to hide from the heat today, laying low and such. Trying to get more little bits of my life organized... I still can barely believe it's already a week into August!

I think this is a variety of clover - when you start really noticing them, there are so many different shapes and colours!

Some kind of clover?

Another flowering tree I've seen around, that makes me feel like I'm in California. With the heat ramping back up, it's easy to believe!

pink fluffy tree - feeling california pt 2

In other news, my digestive system has been on a rampage the last few days, but we're going to make the best of this extra day off and get a little nature time + family time. 

What did you get up to on this long weekend? Hope you all had a good one!

Nearby to where we live is the most massive lavender bush I've ever seen, it must be decades old...


Today, I am going to brave one of those terrible things that must be done every decade or so: luggage shopping. Wish me luck.

Pressing onwards for now... which will mean lots more photos! Glowing nasturtium leaf, backlit by the sun.


This has not been a good week, and I feel all kinds of gross tonight, to the point where I almost forgot about this. I'm starting to think this project is not sustainable while also wanting to do other things with my life... biding time before making any decisions.


Ivy. Today is a hard day. Invasive species for invasive thoughts. 


On the weekend, one of my IG friends posted a stunning photo online, and when I said I might have to paint it, she dared me to follow through...


First, some news! I finally finished up and launched a Facebook page for my art and creative endeavours! Be sure to "like" it if you want to follow along - I'll be sharing my own work, as well as other artists that I like, and various tidbits. Thanks for your support!

Now, onto today's botany! I have no idea what these trees are, but I suddenly started seeing them all around the neighbourhood - they are absolutely stunning! 


They are so bright! Standing in front of them, I feel like I'm being transported to Santa Monica - land of the amazing flowering trees.


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