Chard! (Need I say more?)


After much deliberation, Bruno and I decided to tackle a bunch of changes in our yard this summer. We were originally going to put it off until next year, but then we figured since we're around a lot this summer we may as well just get things started so we can enjoy our outside space more. Mostly there has been a lot of ripping out things (especially a TON of cedar shrubs) that the builders had done initially. The yard was so sterile, it looked like landscaping around a parking lot.


Just got home from round one of the big day of crazy tests (as part of what is shaping up to be the month of crazy tests). Round 1: Vestibular (ENG) testing. Following the lights you see with crazy goggles on, followed by about 30 mins of having different temperatures of water shot into your ears while you can't see anything...apparently it makes you insanely dizzy--fun! *rolls eyes* At least the lady was really nice. I am now soggy eared and nauseous, and still a little dizzy.

Last Friday I got my neck xrays done, there are fun photos from that:

Waiting for xrays in the cubicle, am very impressed as you can see...

So, about that inspiration stuff... I liked the suggestions of collaborative arty projects. So I've been thinking about people who I know (or have known in earlier days) that now do cool inspiring art stuff. And here is a list of them, loosely in chronological order of when I met them from earliest to most recent with links to their stuff for anyone who's interested (go Google skillz). (I've only used last names where people use their last names publicly in case you're wondering why some are missing.) 



(Photo by Kirsti)

I know, it's not really the first day of fall quite yet, but it sure felt like it. The air has been getting chillier on and off over the past week, and it really hit all of a sudden today. Even though we really got cheated out of a proper summer this year, I am ready for fall. Despite being my first summer since finishing school, it's been one of the most challenging summers I've had, and I can't say that I'm sad to see it go. Scott, Boris, and a bunch of the other geeky types have headed to Barcelona for the next ten days or so for DrupalCon and judging purely from Facebook status updates, have made it there safely.

I was really excited when I picked up a backup drive from a friend yesterday, but what the hell--I can't get it working! I took a sick day today, cause my stomach went haywire last night and I'm still recouping, and spent the better part of the morning trying to figure it out. I've pinpointed the problem to lack of mac support! How is it that mac users still get this kind of crap? I went and downloaded the supposed mac software from the company's site, and from what I can deduce, the files in it may be meant for Windows. Then again, I kinda have no idea what I'm doing, so I could be wrong.

But soon... I will be able to back up my laptop's entire contents and will be able to live in slightly less fear that I'd lose my mind if anything ever happened to my laptop.

In plant news, I finally found a basil plant that didn't die instantly!!! I have probably tried to grow ten different basil plants over the years, and the only time it was a success was last summer in the community garden plot. But (knock on wood) I may have found one suitable for balcony life! Previously any basil that I've tried to grow either on a patio/balcony or windowsill has either gotten mites, gotten aphids, withered away for no apparent reason, or gotten burnt by the heat and died. I recently bought a red basil plant, though, and it appears to be looking quite well! Might I finally be able to look forward to an affordable and convenient (and tasty!) source of basil? Let's hope...

red basil

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