I tried painting a few anemones from a photo today... the big one feels kinda clunky and unfinished, but I particularly like the little one above it.

Watercolour anemones

A quick gingko leaf sketch. It's too hot to stuff and things. xo

Gingko leaf sketch

Did my art work earlier today, this hottest day of the heatwave - thought I should get this posted before I melt (which is now imminent). The lesson the day was sometimes it's better not to paint the background (but even if you do, you can always get rid of it!)


Heat wave! Hot days are great for watercolours, at least for an impatient painter like me...layers dry super fast! I painted peach coloured roses, and I really like how they turned out:

Roses (finished)

I'm actually not sure what this plant is! Pencil, old skool (ran out of steam on this one, but you get to see it all folks), while watching Star Trek VI and VII. Happy Friday of the long weekend to you all!

Drawing of unknown flower

I did some experiments in watercolour painting today, painting some blooms from the dogwood in our backyard. The first attempt, I painted a fair bit of the detail in the petals and leaves in a pretty basic way. It turned out okay, I find it pretty, but it doesn't really do a lot for me!

Dogwood watercolour with detail

Next, I tried a new version painting really flowy with a lot of water... maybe a little too much (with not enough drying time) as the colours started bleeding together.

I did an old art class exercise, where you take a pen and start every line while looking at the paper, but then look away back at your subject/object as you draw it. I did all the lines of the peony like that, then just for fun coloured it in with art markers and sharpies.

Peony coloured

Day 3 - watercolour of geraniums (finished)

Today I decided to challenge myself with some watercolour painting. It's something that I enjoy, but haven't done much of, and I'll admit it still feels pretty un-natural with me. I hope that the more I do it, the more natural it'll feel.

I painted from a photo of geraniums (below) that I took yesterday while we were eating sorbettos at the neighbourhood gelato place - I had Pear William and it was delicious!

Day 2: Yellow lupine

This is a pencil drawing of some lovely yellow lupine that I saw while biking around our neighbourhood.  

It's super muggy in Vancouver today, cloudy but the kind of cloudy that still gives you a sunburn. Hayfever is still horrid, so I'm mostly appreciating nature from a safe distance these days... 

Which reminds me, did you know that Shaw on Demand has the entire series of Star Trek movies?? So amazing. Timing couldn't be better!

Happy Saturday folks.

Ah! I'm kind of excited and kind of nervous to post this, but here goes... Today is the first day of the 365 project I'm going to be working on! I've considered doing a 365 project many times before, but it just feels like the right time. I just finished a surface design course that I was taking online, and I want some kind of habitual project to work on to keep me making art regularly.



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