It's an art day! These are petunias from our next door neighbour's yard - and another dark background, apparently I just have a thing for them! I experimented a bit with more background texture rather than just flat black, it was hard to do, but I think with some practice it could make for more interesting backgrounds.


Hope everyone's week got off to a good start!

Today, a painting! I tried another painting where I just freehanded it, without pencil sketching first. Like the other one I did this way, I seem to end up doing this white gap outline thing, which I think I'm growing to like. Plus dahlias, you can never go wrong with dahlias!


I think this one actually looks even better at a distance - I'm not sure if this really gives a proper look at it that way, but it's the best I could do today!

From afar

Night night!

Since my creative energy started flowing again over the last several months, I've been frittering a lot of time away on various projects. Writing Chronically Yours, sewing, drawing, painting, working on my 365 project. That on top of the usual things I do these days: self care (sleep/eat/exercise as able; go to appointments/get tests/take supplements and medications), house stuff, garden maintenance; rest, rest, rest... I've been feeling a little all over the place. Not exactly what I was going for.

While I was doing yoga, these two words came to me: purpose and peace. I spent the rest of the day making this... 


On the weekend, one of my IG friends posted a stunning photo online, and when I said I might have to paint it, she dared me to follow through...


I am kind of in love with this one!!! I started with a pencil outline of some dahlias (below) and then inked it with black pen, then coloured it lightly with watercolours. 


Experimental pen drawing and painting combo for today...


Well, I started this painting yesterday and over the course of painting it, I wrote it off a few times feeling like it'd turned into a garbled mess. And yet somehow, I managed to salvage it and even make it nice!


That said, I think I need to learn some things about what order to paint layers in, and also stop making such complicated paintings with dark backgrounds. They are tricky as heck to do, though I like the effect... Need to remember this is project a day, and to save the tough stuff for projects with a longer timeline!

Tried sketching some hydrangeas today. I coloured them with markers too but like the original uncoloured best (there's a peek at the best section of the coloured version below). Otherwise, today was a bit of a rollercoaster and I'm wiped, so I'm gonna leave it at that!

Hydrangea sketch

Detail colour

Alison's pinwheel flowers stampified

A couple days ago a friend of mine posted a photo of what I believe to be a striped petunia of some sort like these ones, and said that she'd love to see them in my 365 project. They had such a distinct pattern, and I pondered whether there was something unique I could do to reproduce it, so I ended up carving a couple stamps!



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