Calmly through the storm I go

Or at least that's the idea, to find balance and ride the wave rather than fight the current.


The next five weeks are going to be intense, so I am focusing on strength, calm, and perseverance to get through it.  My boss is going to be away for a month, and there is a lot going on at work.  I have been entrusted with keeping the ship afloat while he's gone, which is a big responsibility.  Then the same day he gets back, I head out to DrupalCon.

I am really just going to try and keep a level head, and not let the pressure that I inevitably put on myself knock me off my feet.  My talent is to listen and help where I can, and that's what I will do.  I am going to be somewhat ruthless about my priorities and focus on doing what I need to do to be in good shape when I come out the other side.  It is a big challenge, and will feel like a big accomplishment to get through it with grace, and without running myself into the ground.