A lot of awesome

A bunch of things have inspired me and lifted my spirit this past week, so I wanted to share:

An awesome A Softer World ... this one's pretty great too (remember to read the hover text!)

An awesome photo/paste-up by Basco5 (don't look if you're scared of barfing)

An awesome video by Oren Lavie (just watch it, it's amazing)

Ridiculously awesome beatboxing and flute-beatboxing (c/o @adrian_ng)

More random goodness:

  1. Seeing The Weakerthans and The Constantines at the Commodore with Greg
  2. The rain actually smelling like rain
  3. Make It craft fair at the Roundhouse and free comic book day at Elfsar in Yaletown
  4. Second (and third?) chances
  5. Work being awesome and working with rad people
  6. So Delicious coconut ice cream (but why can't I find the yogurt in Canada???)
  7. Getting my sewing machine un-jammed
  8. Being reminded my friends love me unconditionally
  9. Patting the awesome dog at my massage therapist's
  10. Being okay at the end of the day