365 Days of Botany: Day 9

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Photo day! Saskatoon Berry bush!

Saskatoon Berries

I lucked into a Saskatoon Berry bush when I originally started renting this place (that Bruno and I eventually bought), it was almost as if it was meant to be. I could hardly believe it when it first fruited and I realized what it was (as I grew up in Saskatoon, eating Saskatoon berry everything).

This year's early heat and plentiful rain has brought the best crop yet, I've barely had time to eat them fresh, just trying to keep up with freezing them all before they drop. Most of them have ripened in a matter of only a couple weeks. I'm about to freeze my third mini-pan of them, and am thrilled to have my own homegrown stash for the winter.

Saskatoon berries, about to get frozen

Hope you're all enjoying the start of this heat wave, I'll be mostly hunkered down avoiding the heat and crazy pollen (it keeps getting worse!) as much as possible, which will hopefully mean time for catching up on some mundane tasks and doing some more painting!