365 Days of Botany: Day 7

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I did some experiments in watercolour painting today, painting some blooms from the dogwood in our backyard. The first attempt, I painted a fair bit of the detail in the petals and leaves in a pretty basic way. It turned out okay, I find it pretty, but it doesn't really do a lot for me!

Dogwood watercolour with detail

Next, I tried a new version painting really flowy with a lot of water... maybe a little too much (with not enough drying time) as the colours started bleeding together.

Dogwood watercolour more free flowing

Watercolour leaf detail

Then I tried kind of a midway combination of both. 

Dogwood watercolour mixed

Funny enough, I actually really like the middle flowy version the best, even though I didn't even finish that one (because I'd let it get pretty messy)! Very interesting experiment, I'm clearly drawn to the flowy style - will have to see where I can take that...