365 Days of Botany: Day 66

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Aren't succulent flowers just amazing? They always seem so tropical that I can't believe they deign to bloom in the great white north.

succulent flowers

We woke up to.... drum roll... more raccoon poop today! Wheee. This led to planting all the plants I picked up on sale last week to try and cover all the bare rocks that were seemingly so attractive. Bruno's mom gave us an extra (fantastic!) tip, to put BBQ skewers in the ground too, so they get poked if they try and squat! Imagine a bamboo skewer to the butt, what a surprise that'd be!

I've been resting the rest of the afternoon because apparently my body did not actually want to garden in the heat this morning. I can't wait for fall when our yard finally drops out of sauna heat-levels... The veggies love it, but I am clearly not a vegetable.

I think I'll leave it at that.