365 Days of Botany: Day 65

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One of the plants I've fallen in love with this summer is a variety of sedum I kept seeing around the neighbourhood. Happy to report I've finally snagged one to plant in our garden, from the end of season plant sale at the hardware store!



As the end of the summer starts to near, we're gearing up for a trip to visit Bruno's friends and family, as it is long overdue. I will plan to keep posting the 365 project, though a touch of leeway may be necessary on the big travel days if I can't get online!

This will only be my third trip off the continent, and I feel I am by no means a seasoned traveller outside of North America, so I'm fretting a bit about handling the ominous overnight travel to get there. Why there are no daytime flights going there is beyond me - either staying up all night OR 17 hours of travel (yes, with a layover and getting to the airport early on our end, it's really that long!) would be enough to do me in. Having to combine the two leads to much exhaustion and whimpering.

It's comforting to know that this kind of endeavour wrecks a "normal" healthy person, so I feel like quite the trooper when I eventually survive it all. I'm hoping all my preparedness will pay off, but really there's only so much a person can do when they barely get a wink of sleep and then have to tear around Heathrow in a crazed jet-lagged state, all wound up on too much adrenaline.

Anyway, enough of that. My only other regret is the timing, as our veggie garden is growing wonderfully and we're going to miss some of the peak harvest. Luckily our house-sitter is an avid gardener and veggie lover, so it will not go un-tended or to waste.

So hard to believe it's almost September... enjoy it while it lasts sun lovers - I can't wait to return to the beginning of fall in this city, I've had more than enough!