365 Days of Botany: Day 63

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I spent part of this afternoon drawing in the shade of my next door neighbour's yard today, and it was so nice! One of the people who lives there is an artist and was working on her art in the yard, so invited me to join for a bit, since our yard is blazing hot when the sun is out. I hope that in fifteen years or so (if we're still in this place, or if we're somewhere else) that we have a nice shady yard as well!


In raccoon news, we got this great bench for our front stoop last week, and were planning on adding some plants and making it a bit nicer up there, but yesterday I noticed some dirt on the bench. I thought it was pretty odd, and my gut was whispering "raccoons" just because really, what else would get dirt on the bench - they've been SO PESKY again lately! 

Sure enough, Bruno went to grab some breakfast groceries this morning and came back to find a raccoon hanging out on our bench!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

I scrubbed its dirty paw marks off the bench and brought it inside this afternoon. Then called a "wildlife management" company to ask what to do. Apparently they don't do anything unless the beasts actually nest in your house/garage/deck, and all we can do is put ammonia soaked rags around the yard to repel them. I really hope that this year is just a one-off and that next year we don't have this much wildlife around the house.