365 Days of Botany: Day 57

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Pods! I'm kind of excited for fall and winter when I come across pods. They're something I don't pay a lot of attention to right now, but I'm sure I will develop a keen eye for them once the cooler months come around.


This week feels like a marathon of medical appointments - I still have one more to go tomorrow plus a return to the dentist to see what's up with my gum that got poked too much at the cleaning. I'm pooped! But it'll be really good having all of this stuff out of the way.

I had my monthly doctor's check-in today (it's more of a check-in than a check-up, to discuss and fine tune my supplement/medication regime and review any changes in symptoms etc.). I'm still so pleased with and thankful for the care I've been getting at the integrative clinic I found late last year.

Before I go, I want to share something special with you, written by Kate Durie - a kindred spirit living in Ottawa. She wrote an amazing piece for Issue 4 of Herd Magazine on life, loss, health, and transformation. It's wonderful, and you can download the issue here (PDF), it's on page 26.

Happy weekend dears!