365 Days of Botany: Day 54

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The dentist appointment yesterday was a massacre!!! So glad I don't have to repeat that for a while now... Today, I tackle a less painful task: my first foray into business banking... I've been working on getting everything properly set up to be able to start selling some of my artwork, and this is one of the final major steps!


It's times like this I'm glad we have Vancity, an amazing progressive credit union, where we live. They understand and are very supportive of small businesses, and I feel confident that they'll be able to meet my needs in an appropriate and supportive way long into the future.

I just got an accountant (and bookkeeper) lined up, and am going to get some bookkeeping and inventory software set up as well, but once I have the separate banking sorted out there's not much to stop me from going for it!

There's one thing that's still a bit of a mystery for me, maybe one of you knows the answer... If you have your personal and business finances completely separated, but most of your sales go through Paypal, how do you make sure that all of that also stays separate in Paypal? So for example, you can still buy personal items through Paypal, but the sales go into your business account in the end.

Thanks for any advice!