365 Days of Botany: Day 43

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I was feeling really miserable yesterday, physically and mentally, so I dragged my butt to the yoga mat. I have been having trouble getting my butt on the yoga mat lately, so this was quite the accomplishment! Then I actually did 30 minutes of yoga - an even bigger accomplishment! And wouldn't you know, I felt a bit better afterwards.

While I was going through my ritual of just following the pattern of poses my body felt like doing, for some reason a question came to me: what am I seeking? I've been feeling really lost off and on through this process of trying to get healthy again and rediscover the kind of life I want to live, and on some days I really feel this palpable yearning. So I asked myself what it is that I'm yearning for. 

These two words came to me almost instantly: purpose and peace. I spent the rest of the day making this:


It was definitely an experiment to put words into my botany art, and I was afraid it would be too cheesy, but I actually kind of love it.

The only thing I'm not happy with is the paper! I didn't have any bigger pieces of watercolour paper, so I took a risk and painted on sketching paper, and holy moly... not the same! Totally unforgiving for correcting any mistakes, and the paper bubbled like crazy where it was wet (which is why it looks all wobbly in the photo)! Lesson learned - guess I'll be making another trip to the art supply store soon...

Hope you all are finding your peace and your purpose, and to my fellow Canadians, hope you have a relaxing and refreshing long weekend. I am blissfully enjoying this day of cool rain that I've been waiting months for, and I'm sure many will shake their heads, but I really hope it stays as long as possible!