365 Days of Botany: Day 3

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Day 3 - watercolour of geraniums (finished)

Today I decided to challenge myself with some watercolour painting. It's something that I enjoy, but haven't done much of, and I'll admit it still feels pretty un-natural with me. I hope that the more I do it, the more natural it'll feel.

I painted from a photo of geraniums (below) that I took yesterday while we were eating sorbettos at the neighbourhood gelato place - I had Pear William and it was delicious!

In case anyone's interested, here are a couple of in progress steps of the painting... Funny, the same thing has happened a few times now since I've started painting again - I love how it looks in the middle more than at the end. Not sure exactly how to work with that, but will keep experimenting.

Day 3 - watercolour of geraniums (midway)

Day 3 - watercolour of geraniums (first layer)

And here's the photo - pretty in its own right. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!